Using Bluescape With Any Teleconferencing Tool

Leverage Bluescape's web app to enhance your teleconferencing meetings. In this course, you'll learn two different ways to use Bluescape with any teleconferencing tool of your choice.

Using Bluescape With Any Teleconferencing Tool


About this course

About this course


  • Key Bluescape concepts for beginners. Experienced users are encouraged to skip this. 

Bluescape Essentials

You’ll learn how to:

  • Share Bluescape content while meeting via teleconference
  • Set yourself up for remote meetings
  • Leverage Bluescape for continued productivity from wherever you are located
  • Host a one-to-many Bluescape meeting 
  • Host a collaborative Bluescape meeting 

Course content:

  • Option 1: Bluescapes Meeting + Teleconferencing Tool
  • Option 2: Collaborative Bluescapes Meeting + Teleconferencing Tool

Who should take this course:

This course will help all Bluescape users, but will be particularly helpful for:

  • Anyone working remotely
  • Anyone working with other remote participants