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Access the content library for individual learning assets


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Pinning a Canvas
Smart Grid Comments


Admin: Remove User
Admin: Add User
Admin: Change User Roles

The Wall

Wall Gesture: Canvas Context Menu
Wall Gesture: Double-Tap to Zoom
Wall Gesture: Drag to Pan
Wall Gesture: Long Touch to Activate Context Menu
Wall Gesture: Mid-Touch to Deselect
Wall Gesture: Moving Canvas
Wall Gesture: Navigating a Browser
Wall Gesture: Pinch to Zoom
Wall Gesture: Pulling up the Toolbar
Wall Gesture: Resizing an Asset
Wall Gesture: Select and Deselect From a Group
Wall Gesture: Snapshot
Wall Gesture:: Tap and Drag to Move an Asset
Wall Gesture: Tap to Play Video
Wall Gesture: 4 Finger Group Select
Wall Gesture: Attach and Detach
Wall Toolbar: Check Comment Activity
Wall Toolbar: Adding Text
Wall Toolbar: Accessing Applications
Wall Toolbar: Add a Web Browser
Wall Toolbar: Draw, Erase, Undo
Wall Toolbar: Exiting a Workspace
Wall Toolbar: Hiding the Toolbar
Wall Toolbar: Locking a Canvas
Wall Toolbar: Meet
Wall Toolbar: Search
Wall Toolbar: Select
Wall Toolbar: Snap to Grid
Wall Toolbar: Zoom
Wall Toolbar: Adding a Notecard


Bluescape for Team Collaboration


Resetting Your Bluescape Password
Editing Your Bluescape User Profile
Entering a Workspace
Grid and List View in the Portal
Web App: Publishing a Workspace
Editing the Settings of a Workspace
Deleting a Workspace
Moving a Workspace to a Different Org

Web App

Web App: Linking to a Canvas
Web App: Click and Drag to Resize an Asset
Web App: Presenting a Canvas
Web App: @Mention
Web App: Leading in a Workspace
Web App: Search for an Asset
Web App: Presenting an Asset
Web App: Resizing an Asset to its Original Size
Web App: Hiding Canvas Outlines
Web App: Accessing the Context Menu
Web App: Attaching a Notecard
Web App: Arranging Content in a Column
Web App: Creating a Canvas at Current View
Web App: Creating a Canvas around a Group of Content
Web App: Deleting an Asset
Web App: Deleting Pen Strokes and Eraser Marks
Web App: Detaching Assets
Web App: Arranging Content into a Row
Web App: Searching the Workspace
Web App: Group Select Content
Web App: Vertically Aligning Content
Web App: Drag and Drop Files into the Workspace
Web App: Duplicating an Asset
Web App: Editing an Asset
Web App: Following in a Workspace
Web App: Arranging into a Grid
Web App: Using Lasso
Web App: Leading in a Workspace
Web App: Aligning Content
Web App: Marking-up Content
Web App: Using the Marquee Tool
Web App: Moving Groups of Content
Web App: Nesting Canvases
Web App: Optimal Zoom Level
Web App: Panning in the Workspace
Introduction to Workspaces
Introduction to Managing Content
Introduction to Organizing Content
Introduction to Adding and Building Content
Using the Present Button
Using Meet and Screensharing in Bluescape
Commenting in Bluescape
Bulk Downloading Content
Copying and Pasting
Drawing, Erasing, and Markups
Pinning and Unpinning
Sending a Workspace to the Wall